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It has been only 13 days since the 1st infection but the world is already falling apart. Those who fall victim to the infection join the horde of zombie apocalypse while those whose not are evacuated to remote places.
You find yourself stranded in an already dead city. The people there are either already evacuated, or became the walking dead.

The good news, they are kind enough to leave their weapon caches hidden in safehouse.
The bad news, they only allow weapons to be used only by those who's good at shooting zombies... Well, bad news for the zombies at least...

Features :
* Shoot your way through a countless levels filled with zombies. Run through deserted buildings, streets filled with hastily abandoned cars and claustrophobic sewer maze.
* Unlock, buy, and customize your favorite guns to keep the zombies at bay
* Unique control scheme giving you a full control of character without having cluttered UI.
* Zombies that behave, not just bullet sponge undeads.
* Streamlined UI, menus and GUI are integrated into the game world, not some separated game breaking screen

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Hey, you gonna put up any new updates for this game? What about the other stuff you've been working on, any progress, updates, ideas?

Hi, sorry for the late reply. I haven't do anything particular on this game yet. I only once tried to add In App Purchase but somehow it messed up with player preference location, which means that it will reset player progress, so I'll just hold on the IAP  things and maybe try adding multiplayer latter .

But right now, I'm still working on my other project which you can see here
It does missed the IMGA timeline (well, I did submit it but it did't even pass as nominees), but I still continue working on it anyway...

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Hey it's all good, just glad to hear you're still working on something.

Sorry to hear the IAP isn't working out so far but here's hoping it does work out; also multiplayer feature would be an interesting addition to the game - just don't make it "pay-to-win" if you can, lol!

I saw some gameplay videos you uploaded about this game (Thousands Layered Edge) it looks very different - reminds me of the art style of Okami, I think.  I think if you can get it to be in a stable, playable state it will surely be able to make it into next IMGA!

P.S.: You got some interesting game concepts on your YouTube account, looks like you've got a lot of ideas you've been playing around with!

You know I've been playing this game for almost a year now and I keep coming back to it just because it's the kind of game I'd like to play on my phone or tablet - there may be many others out there like it but I chose this game and it still keeps me hooked (ads and all, hehe, I don't judge - as long as they're put in the right way kinda like you did it).

I love the RPG-like system you've implemented - being able to upgrade stats and unlock gear is quite impressive, as well as your implementation of upgradable weaponry - it's always fun to upgrade that mediocre rifle into something quite formiddable (not to mention having the added benefit of slowing down time when you aim! Who knew ironsights could do that? Lol!).

If I may ask, are you willing to discuss your future prospects for this game? I'd be interested to know what you envision for this game going forward. 

I think anyone else who visits this page would be interested to know too.


First of all, thank you for your interest in this game. Response like yours are really uplifting my spirit to keep improving the game.
As for the future of the game, the longest shot would be adding fellow survivor AI, which can also be overridden by other player...
Then, I also want/need to update level graphics, especially on the city levels, adding path  variation, small effects details etc...
And the nearest timeline would be adding more special zombies... I have made a Juggernaut which can pick and throw cars at player(spoiler :D), but I have to make special level for it since it tends to stuck on narrow passages due to it's size. It was planned to be shipped at the last update but due to that problem, I postponed it, maybe next update...
Also the special zombies that I've yet but urgently want to make is the blood witch, which basically all other special zombies combined into one package...

Also, from the reviews on the play store, people want an actual story... I think I'll have to make separate games for that :)

Well... that said, currently, I'm still focus on working on another game which I'd like to finish before IMGA global which is less than 3 months to due :)

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Hey its a pleasure, I'm glad you took the time to read my response - though honestly I never thought you would reply back so soon, hahaha!

It's great to hear what you have in store for this game - would definitely like to see more variations to the enemies in this game, too...

I think that Juggernaut monster is a really cool idea: funny enough, you mentioning creating a specific map for this creature made me think of a boss-type battle out in an open parking lot (think like at shopping centers) with the Juggernaut throwing Jeeps, Minivans, Half-trucks (maximum damage!!) and/or anything else it can find (including zombies?); however way you do it, though, I hope it to be fun and interesting!

Interesting idea of this blood witch - could it be the source of the entire infection...?  Can't wait to battle this, especially as another boss-type. 

I also would've loved to see a story in this game, but I'd also like to say, for me, it doesn't need to be a "complete" type of story - it would be nice if they're just mission-based - e.g. "reach room/safehouse X in Y time to rescue the civilians who got trapped because rescue teams got wiped out" or like where you reach a safehouse and then are told that you need to, maybe, clear one or two levels of zombies so they can safely escape the area or fetch some resources (food supplies, etc.) and get some rewards (interactions can be text based, I think like how Dead Trigger's "story" was, also its side missions).

Anyway all the best with your future projects - I hope you do well in the IMGA global awards, I bet it would help you get the exposure you need in both technical skills-wise as well as fanbase-wise!


Pretty fun stuff!